Friday, September 26, 2008

Woman leader - who leads US or India?

Is that what we get to hear often - Women in India is not treated with that respect as in US?
Then howcome, US never had a woman President till date and India had a woman Prime Minister long back (Indira Gandhi) and the current President is a woman (Pratibha Patil). And now when there is a woman who is getting to stand for the vice-Presidentship in US (by whatever reason), then she is being stereo-typed as 'Hockey Mom' etc? Is that what it is?
Somethings you can never understand. For sure, countries like India do not have much security/freedom for a girl and the western society has much more, but then who will answer this question that why till date when a woman is trying to be a leader in USA - she is already being stereotyped without people judging her. And when Hiliary was standing for the elections - she was stereotyped as a special case - 'Wife of a x-President'. Not that I am taking their side - I do not even know what they actually are (due to my lack of interest), but just got this thought in my mind - where is the woman leading today - in a country like India or in a western/modernized/developed country like USA?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Love breads? Then this one is for you!

Ever tried sprouted grain breads? They are awesum health wise as well as taste wise...Here are more reasons for you to try them:

Sprouting breaks down the starch, protein and fat molecules found in the grain which means that you end up with a pre-digested food, a much healthier one.

Also, sprouting increases the nutritional value of the food, proteins, vitamin and enzyme content gets higher while at the same time this process lowers the carbohydrate content, and the calories of the same.

Basically, Sprouted grains are easier to digested and are rich in so many vitamins and minerals.

Sprouted grains are digested more slowly by your body and as you know foods that are digested that way help you to keep your blood sugar levels stable, which has a positive effect on your weight and energy levels.

If you eat bread, give this type a try and look for organic. I have a recommendation for this: Try the Eziekel Bread (spl the Raisin Bread) at Traders Joe. Yes, it's a bit more money but far more healthy from the normal breads plus this Eziekel bread does not contain corn syrup - one of the reasons why this bread goes bad in 5-6 days. It is organic and has no chemicals. Try it and love it!

Weight day again!

I now feel like pasting our Before-After pics We completed almost 3 months of our healthy eating and exercise on this last weekend and the results were amazing. I lost 25 lbs and Shav lost almost 30 lbs! Anyone who sees him can easily figure that out:-) Our diet sheet which helps us count what we eat seems to be a real blessing for weight loss plus we do not feel energy-deficient 'coz we are eating everything healthy we should. Another amazing thing that exercises led to was a drop in my my cholestrol without my conscious efforts. My LDL dropped by almost 50 and so did my overall cholestrol. My cholestrol some months back was just near the border line and it significantly improved now. I assume this was due to my exercise and brisk-walk routine.

It is not that there havent been moments when we did not feel like working out or having something good (rather bad) to eat. In such cases, it was always the other one motivating the other for workout or we trying out better activities like hiking, playing tennis etc. Another thing to mention here is that we havent stopped going out to eat - eating pizza, pies, pancakes and everything we craved for - but only in control and mostly early dinners. The word: 'control' is the key here. You got it!:)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Types of Garden Herbs

Like all garden plants, herbs can be classified as annual, perennial or biennial. Annual herbs need to be re-planted each season because they bloom one season and then die. Examples of annual herbs include:
* Basil
* Chamomile
* Cilantro
* Cumin
* Dill

Perennial herbs come back every year surviving the winter to bloom each season once established. Examples of perennials include:
* Chives
* Mint
* Oregano
* Rosemary
* Sage
* Thyme

Biennial herbs just live for two seasons and bloom during the second season only. Biennial herb examples include:
* Caraway
* Parsley

- Herbs need six hours of full midday sun for the best flavor and the most growth.

- Most herbs need to be kept damp but not wet, so don't overwater. Water with small amounts only, and encourage proper drainage by watering your potted herbs early in the morning or late at night.

- The best time to harvest herbs is just before they flower, first thing in the morning. This is because the oils have settled into the leaves and flowers overnight and are at their highest level. Each time you harvest a sprig, pinch the stem back to a set of leaves to promote leaf production.