Thursday, March 19, 2009

The 3rd 19th of March together!

It sure has been a long while before I last blogged. Thanks to my last MBA quarter at school - I took 3 courses instead of the recommended 2. It was tough but I enjoyed it. With Shavi's help and his efforts, I could make it well. Not to mention, I again take 3 courses this quarter. I dont like working much in kitchen these-days and love it when Shavi does all that for me. You guessed it - that's my reason behind taking 3 courses again ;-), inspite that it gets really hectic for me; and we (Shavi and I) are left with hardly any time together!
Yesterday was fun - it was my last exam, Anu came over from DC for our anniversary which is today. Got the most wonderful gift from Anu - she painted a big card for us which is so worth getting framed and bought a self made delicious cake all the way from DC. She herself came over - it was the best gift from her. Been 3 years now and I dont even remember how it was like being alone and neither does Anu. Isnt it Anu? Thanks to Shavi for all the love he has given us. Well, dont want to make it more cheesy, but that is what it is:)

Looking forward to our trip to one of my favorite places - Monterey/17 mile drive tomorrow to celebrate our anniversary. It was Mendocino on our 1st anniversary, Vegas on our 2nd one and this is the 3rd one - Monterey.